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Feel Better this Fall. Functional and Fun!

Hello and welcome to fall Rockstar Nation!

This month’s newsletter we are focusing on solid ways to help yourself stay healthier, stronger, and feel better longer as we powerful age!
True Rockstar Fitness moto:

-Keep it Safe
-Keep it Simple

The most important and very real factor is that we all age 

. That is a fact of life, but how we age is a skill we can all master in time.
Here at Rockstar Fitness we embrace the aging process in a proactive, positive and simple way to make each year as powerful and strong as possible.

When we age, and this can even start at age 30, we can start to see changes in our posture and strength. We start to see the rounding of the upper back and tightening of the hips.
A time tested and proven way to slow this process is to strength train like we do at Rockstar Fitness with our Headliners.
We can lose muscle strength after the age of 30 at a rate of 3-8% per decade, and after the age of 40 of 10-17% per decade.

Those cool stats are nice, but what can we do as Headliners to help us slow this strength loss!?
Train like we do in our adult classes at Rockstar Fitness 

**Keep it Simple
-Train for 60 minutes
•2-3x per week
•Focus on exercises such as
-Foam Rolling
-Movement Prep to help the body move in more better in move directions.

Now what are things we can do outside of Headliner training sessions at Rockstar Fitness!?
•Eat more protein.
-20-30 grams per meal
•Drink half our body weight in water each day
•Stretch for 5 minutes
-3 days a week

Aging powerful should be simple, fun, safe, and done in the right way to let you age as strong as possible!

Let’s make the next 10 or maybe 30 years the best years.

Have a super day Headliners.

Jake Cheney


Dan McGinley
“Considerations for Training Adults Part 1: How muscles Age”
September 2022