Suns Out. Walks are About

Hello and welcome to another fun round table of fitness with fun food ideas to better assist you in having a healthier body, mind and powerful self! 😀

Today we dive into the art of walking…and what a better time to be outside during this weeks amazing temps and sunny sky’s! 😀

The simplicity of walking as an additional part of heart health, weight loss, reducing anxiety and a relaxation method with nature. 

Walking is and always has been one of the easiest and best ways to start a simple and safe cardiovascular fitness routine. 

The key to maximizing your fitness by walking is easier than you think 🤙

-Start walking

-Get a heart rate tracker to help keep your heart rate elevated between 65-75% of your max heart rate

Now, how do you figure that out!?

Keeping it simple as always 

220 -( your age)= Max Heart Rate

(Max Heart Rate) (x) (.65/.75) 

The result will be your target heart rate while walking.

Ex. 220 – 30 = 190

190 x (.65)= **123.5**

What if you can’t get your heart elevated to that number? 

-Grab a backpack

-Put 3-4 semi heavy books in backpack

-Start walking again 

Just like the Rockstar Fitness motto – keep it simple and keep it safe with maybe the easiest cardio session to date! 😀

Need a good pick-me-up for your next walk?


-Peanut Butter on wheat bread 



-Veggie Greens as a Shake 

Have a super day and keep it simple Rockstar Nation! 

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Jake Cheney 

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.