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Recovery is for You…Everyday!

What is Recovery!?

>Recovery is something we need from time to time as we age powerfully.

>Recovery is something we need to do to keep ourselves healthy.

>Recovery is something we do when we have worn out a body part, or maybe just tweaked something a little bit.

>Recovery is for everyone whether you are sore, injured or feeling amazing!

>Recovery takes time 🙂

When we are active and trying to be our strongest, most fit, and live our best life, we need to take time off to rest to allow ourselves to get back to 100%. 

Recovery means a lot of different things to a lot of different Headliners out there.

Now what are a couple recovery exercises we can do each day to be better, and allow ourselves to recover?

          1. Stretch at-least 3 times per week for 5-10 minutes

a. Stretching before bed will increase blood flow and reduce soreness. 

         2. Sit, relax, and Read before bed. 

a. Studies show that reading before bed can ease stress, and improve sleep quality 

         3. *Ask for help*

a. Getting help from an expert can reduce injury length and help promote recovery by designed exercises and plans. 

b. Maybe a Coach or personal trainer, like one at Rockstar Fitness 🙂

Have a super day Rockstar Nation and stay powerful! 

Jake Cheney 

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.