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You are What you Eat!? Part 2

Hello to the second part of our fun filled Friday and welcome back Rockstar Nation!

Today we dive back into a less than exciting topic,

Your Stomach, and your Stomach Health.

Last week we learned and discussed that 70% of our immune system is made of what is in our gut. Wow!

When we think of stomach health we should try to think about variety of the green kind. That’s right, the veggies…everyone’s favorite!…or not so much, but in True Rockstar Fitness fashion it is Simple.

-Eat a variety of colors  

-Aiming for 4-6 handful size portions. 

-Can it be the same veggies you ask? Yes, but let’s not forget the old saying, “Variety is the spice of life.” So mix it up Rockstar Nation.

Food is an important part of a healthy gut, but daily actions help us build healthy habits to build positive change.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

What can we repeatedly do then?

Positive actions:

1. Your intestines have their own circadian rhythm, and a regular schedule. So eating at roughly the same times each day will keep them on their usual cycle.

2. Exercise :). Regular exercise 2-3 times per week makes your immune system stronger which keeps your gut in line.

3. Sleep. The better quality, and an appropriate amount of sleep gives your gut diversity to stay as healthy as possible. 

Less positive Actions:

1. Alcohol- Microbes are made to produce beer and wine, but when you drink these products they don’t actually contain those anymore. Alcohol actually kills bacteria inside you.

2. Antibiotics- These are great when you are sick, but the parts that kill the bacteria that are making you sick also kill the ones that keep you healthy. If you can avoid them, do so.

3. Stress- High levels of stress produce cortisol which can make you gain weight, and produce more bad bacteria than the good. 

That’s a wrap Rockstar Nation, and please remember…change takes time, change is hard, so be kind to yourself when you start to change. You will thank yourself 3 months from now. 

-Jake Cheney 

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.


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Nutritional Psychiatrist

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