Letters to a Headliner: Is Pain Normal?

Hello and welcome back Rockstar Nation to a very common theme in everyone’s lives:


Pain is an a part of being a human and a part of being alive. Sometimes pain can be at a high level, or overwhelming, annoying – although sometimes it can be minimal. Best case – none at all 😀

Pain is caused by many factors and in many different ways. In true Rockstar fashion we like to keep it simple.

A. If it hurts, stop and don’t do that.

B. Let’s try to think of why you may have that pain In your back, foot, shoulder.

-Thinking about why there is pain can be as simple as

My back hurts:

*I sit for long periods of time

*I have an 1 hour commute and then sit at my desk all day

*I pick up my child from the floor all day long

My shoulder always bothers me

*I am moving and I carry boxes up and down stairs all weekend

*I had to shovel 12 inches of snow 😀

*I sleep with my arm at an odd angle each night

My feet hurt

*My shoes are over a year old

*I haven’t been rolling my feet out

*I may need new insoles in my sneakers

Pain can be complicated and at times need to be evaluated by a specialist. The great news is we can relieve pain just by taking a minute to think about daily activities.

Keep it Simple

Keep it Safe

Keep it Positive

Have a super day Rockstar Nation!

Jake Cheney

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.





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