Fitness Friday Fun Facts

Stress Less Eat Better

Stress eating can be a thing we do that we don’t even realize we are partaking in until after we have eaten those not great foods. Continuing to think about having snacks that contain high amounts of protein and looking at the labels on food packages is a great way to stay on track 😀

When you are stressed stay away from

Salty and Sugary foods.

Instead focus on foods that contain water to make you feel full and that contain natural sugars.

Finger Foods




– Apples


-Peanuts….less salt the better

-On the Go-

-Think about protein. Having a snack with more protein will give you energy, and keep you feeling more full longer than carbs

Ex. Egg white Flat Bread from Dunkins, instead of a bag of Lays chips

-Egg and cheese, without the bread

Cumberland Farms

-Bagged peanuts-Low Sodium

-chocolate milk

Keep it simple and keep it tasty 😀

-Jake Cheney

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.