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Water. It’s King! Drink up the H2O.

Water! Why drinking water matters.

This early June has certainly been a hot one. It has brought us a lot of very hot, and especially humid days.
Luckily we have a trusted friend…Water! Which will and can be a key tool in your daily routine to feel better, think more clearly, and feel more relaxed 

Why drinking the correct amount of
water can help your body be the best it can be with hot, and humid conditions? 
>It allows your heart to pump more blood throughout the body easier to let major organs function correctly.

What is a good amount of water to drink on a hot day?
-Check your weight in the morning
-Drink 50% of your bodyweight in water over the day
-Add 12 ounces of water per 30 minutes of active

Fun example to clear that up 

200 lbs.
>Water per day
-100 ounces
>Trained at Rockstar for 60 minutes 

-Drink an additional 24 ounces
>Grand Total
**124 ounces

Why does drinking water matter?
>It can:
-Cool core temperature
-Have more energy
-Lubricate joints
-Better Mood
-Better Sleep 
-Improve your strength
-Improve your metabolism

Have a super summery day Rockstar Nation and please grab your favorite water bottle before you leave for your next fun adventure!

Jake Cheney