Take the Stairs and Better Sleep

Hello Rockstar Nation 😀

Another fun month of March is upon us and some expected New Hampshire wonderful weather to contend with.

Not to worry though, we can make the best of it whether we are inside or outside by staying healthy at home.

Healthy at Home has been a nice mini series I have been developing to make your everyday fitness routines, and wellness a little easier to fit in.

As always in true Rockstar Fitness fashion we are committed to keeping it simple, functional, and efficient 😀

⭐️Healthy at Home⭐️

💥Take the stairs

Not only is this adding to your Daily Steps Goal, but taking the stairs to the tune of

**20 flights** per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 24%!

💥Puzzles to Sleep Better

-By figure out a lager puzzle

ex. 500-1000 pieces

each night for 15-30 minutes before bed will reward your brain with a fun little thing called dopamine to help you relax and sleep better

💥Put the Phone Down

-Bright screens can make your eyes tired and your brian fully awakes and in a state of consistent motion.

**Best Practice

-Turn off all smart phones, computers, or tables 45 minutes before your regular bedtime to get a better night sleep to feel more rested to tackle another super day!

-Use the eye shield setting on your phone

Have a super day Rockstars and Headliners and please check out our new and improved **Website 😀

Jake Cheney

Rockstar Fitness, LLC


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