Simple. Safe. Smart

5 minutes or Less to Health!

Hello and welcome back to another fun installment of the Fitness of Rockstar May style!
As we have discussed over the last couple weeks of how important sleep is to your physical health, mental health, and overall performance day in and day out…but what can we do in less than 5 minutes to build up the fitness part Jake!?

Well…well…well Headliners and Rockstars I have 5 simple tips to do in almost no time!
1. Roll your Feet!

a. Our feet are something that is involved in literally every step we take every day, so why not take care of these essential muscles.-Grab a lacrosse ball, a tennis ball or for the dare devils a golf ball-Place ball under foot-Roll slowly from the ball of the foot to the heel and in every direction imaginable

2. Breathe…with the belly 

a. Breathing correctly can improve your mood, energy levels, strength, and put you in a nighty-nighty mood in no time.-Lying on the floor-Feet down

-Back flat

-Hands on stomach-Breathe in through nose for 4 seconds…feel air fill stomach -Breathe out through your mouth for 4 seconds…feel the air leaving your stomach. Do 4 times 

3. Get Up and Get Down

a.This is not the part where I tell you to dance as if you are back in the Disco haha…but to just sit on the ground…then get off it!

-If this is a challenge that is ok. Use a chair to assist you.

-Start by kneeling on floor 

-pick a leg to stand up on 

-make a 90 degree with that leg

-drive off leg and stand 

-retrace back to floor and repeat 

4. Walk at a Pace you Can’t Talk to a Friend 

a. Walking is one of the best ways to get what we like to call moderate conditioning as long as it is a brisk pace. This can be measured by simply doing the talk test.

-This is when we get to a speed that we can feel a little uncomfortable and couldn’t continue a normal conversation with a friend

-20 30 minutes 

-3 times per week is a great start 

5. Eat 4 handfuls of Veggies

a. You had to see that one coming like a beach ball being batted around a full stadium concert of raving 80’s hair banders…or maybe that reference is just a me one…but 

-This will improve energy

-Help lose weight

-Curb your appetite
-Positively affects blood sugar 

-Lower Blood Pressure Have a super day and let’s rock the rest of the National Fitness Month of May Rockstar Nation!
Fitness. The Medicine that Gives Back.