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Better Fall Moods this September. Stay Powerful!

Staying active in the fall is a fun tradition that many of us in the Granite State have been taking advantage of for decades. 

Active recovery was one of the recent newsletters and the same principals still ring true as September rolls up upon us fast! Fall brings added health benefits brought to you by the one and only Mother Nature.

Cooler temps and an amazing variety of colorful leaves can boost:

-Positive moods

-Improve Energy

-Improved Attention spans for our **young and aging Powerful athletes alike**

-Boost Self-Confidence 

Fall is not just for the leaves, it is also for the ocean goers too. Studies have shown an increase in brain activity, calmness and improved energy from the sounds and smells of the ocean! 

As a bonus the Atlantic in the fall is a scene to be seen for the water or sitting on the rock walls just watching.

The Granite State offers both options so get out there, feel better, have more energy and enjoy the season as you actively recover from a fun week of training with me at Rockstar Fitness! 

Have a super day Rockstar Nation!

Jake Cheney 

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.