Nutrition made easier with simple to fellow steps to help you reach your goals.

Making Nutrition Easier

Hello and welcome to another fun Fitness Friday Fun Facts! 

Today we dive right into a fab favorite in fitness land:

-Eating Healthier 

-Correct Portions 

Let’s keep it Simple and Stick to 2 items for the next 2 weeks.

  1. Between Meals 
  2. During Meals 

1. Between Meals 

-Try to Start focusing on the difference between 

a. True Hunger vs. Cravings,Boredom,Stress

>Keep it Simple Tricks

-No screens while eating 

-Pause 10 minutes before 2nds on snacks 

2. During Meals 

  1. Eat slowly 
  2. Satisfied not Stuffed 

>Keep it Simple Tricks

-Set a timer 

-Put the fork down between bites 

-The Eating Game (Be the last one finished)

As we start a new routine or a new plan to be healthier please remember Rockstar Nation that it takes time to adjust to a new routine, so it’s ok to slip up and it’s normal.

Stay on the path and trust the process.

Have a super day Rockstars and Headliners! 

-Jake Cheney


-Vinny Talluto 

October 2023 

“Filling Buckets”