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June Habits make a Better Summer

Hello and welcome back Rockstar Nation 🤙

It’s time for summer and that means sun, fun, and building a simple routine so we can continue to build or start to build a healthy plan to stay fit this summer.
Having your best summer starts with setting attainable goals and to understand why setting goals are important. 

Prioritize your goals and keeping it simple is a great way to see more results and more consistent results.
The other day I was getting ready to clean underneath the bathroom sink and I said once again to push it to next week, which is what I have said for the last 2 weeks haha 😀
We can find ourselves doing the same thing with our fitness or nutritional goals.

So what and how can we maintain consistent results?🤔

Goal setting and achieving our goals shouldn’t be hard, it should be simple.
The key is:
-Prioritize your goals
-Pick 3 goals
-Write them pen to paper

Now that you have your 3 goals written down, let’s look at your first goal, your first should also should be your most important goal.
-Focus on Goal #1
-Work to complete goal #1
-Don’t move onto goal #2 until goal #1 has been completed.

Continuing to follow this simple and fun goal setting process will help your health, wellness and lifestyle and allow you to make progress and see sustained results.

Have a super day Rockstar Fitness!


-Jake Cheney