Have a better way to deal with boredom. Try these helpful tips!

Restful Holidays Make Healthier Choices

Hello and welcome to the end of May! 

April showers bring May Fitness 😀

May is National Fitness Month so in honor  of a fun month filled with squats, jumps, throws and a couple slams, Rockstar Fitness would like to talk about an important part of your daily fitness routine 

💥Sleep and how to rest the best.

Today as the month finishes on a beautiful and hopefully restful note we continue to discuss the many positive effects sleep can do for us 😀

>Helps Armor the body to: 

  1. Stock up and Boost your immune system 
  2. Prevent infections 
  3. Sleep reforms the body’s metabolic state by fine tuning the balance of insulin and circulation glucose  
  4. Sleep further regulates our appetite, and body weight through healthy food selections instead of rash impulses. 

How to get restful sleep? 

There are a couple fast and hard ways to get your mind ready to sleep longer and better:

>Be Consistent. Meaning go to sleep at roughly the same time each day  

>No Large Meals before bed 

>Avoid alcohol or caffeine 

>Try to keep your room dark, quiet, and at a moderate temperature 

Stretch for the Night Sky 🤔

Allowing yourself to stretch out after a long day can make you more relaxed, less sore or tight, and wake more rested.

Lucky for the wonderful members of the Rockstar Nation…that’s you 😀…I have a couple stretches to get into that restful mood you need. 

Please use this helpful video to make tonight’s sleep a little better!

Have a super day Rockstar Nation!

Jake Cheney 

Rockstar Fitness, LLC.



“Why we Sleep. Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.”

Matthew Walker, PhD