Jump Higher. Run Better. Feel Stronger.

Feel Better Each Step. Each Day.

Hello and welcome to another fun Coaches Corner tip of the week!

Today we focus on an exercise to benefit you in many ways. This exercise will help you move better, walk faster, run faster, jump higher and also can be done sitting in your favorite chair or even on the couch!

Today Coaches Corner is:

**Rolling out your Feet**

-Please grab a lacrosse or golf ball

-No socks or shoes are required 

-Start tolling slowly from your heel to your toes 

-Roll 1 minute each foot either each morning before your day starts or after a long day!

Take the time to roll your feet, because each step you take, your feet work for you. Treat your feet just like you would a sore quad, hamstring, or calves.

Stay powerful Rockstar Nation!

Jake Cheney