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Active Recovery is Key to Long Term health

Hello Rockstar Nation and welcome to summer finally!

Summer should be a time to be getting outside to walk, to run, jump and play in recreational sports!

Lifting weights, jumping high and throwing med-balls are 3 things we do each and every day at Rockstar Fitness.

 But what about the other days and hours that you are away from the gym!? Yes you should be active then too!

Now does that mean playing 5 soccer games or running a half marathon? No, sorry to burst your fitness bubble, I am talking about activities such as
-Playing 9-holes of golf
-An easy bike ride around town or your neighborhood
-Walking 25 minutes at lunch, and my favorite…

Engaging in an activity that keeps your heart rate around 60-65 bpm is what I like to call the

recovery zone

Engaging in activities that keep you in the recovery heart rate zone will increase recovery from a harder workout and add in reducing soreness from your regular fitness or sport related routines!

Help yourself stay healthier by thinking of a different way to stay active and recover better!

•Keep it Safe
•Keep it Simple
•Fitness in a like minded community having fun in a positive atmosphere

Have a super day!

-Jake Cheney