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Spice up you Water. Feel Better.

Hello and welcome back Rockstar Nation to another round table of fun, fitness-y facts to help you live better and feel better!

-Choose Grapes over Chips 

a. Grapes contain water that will fill you up faster and allow yourself to have a healthy snack with a appropriate portion 

>Chips contain large amounts of sodium making you feel like you need more than you actual need. 

-Don’t like water….spice it Up! 

a. Drinking water regularly, 64-100 ounces a day is ideal. 

  1. But you don’t like the taste of plain water? Add in some fruit to boost taste and hydration 

-Daily Routines to Sleep Better 

a. Keeping a daily routine that is consistent is key to helping you: 

>Sleep better 

>Have better energy levels 

>Better metabolism 

-Regulate body temperature better 

-Play in the Heat, Regulate the Heat Better-

a. Allowing yourself to be outside, get some healthy vitamin D, and allow your body to adjust to the summer temps will let your body to feel more comfortable with a sunny hot summer 😎

….less AC is good for your body! 

Have a super day and Holiday weekend Rockstar Nation!

-Jake Cheney