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Sunny Skies and Fitness-y Friday

Fitness is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can be very confusing with 1 million different things being said 2 million different ways, but not to worry – Rockstar Fitness is here to help!

First let’s start with water:

Drinking half your body weight in water is a great goal but what if you hate water?
Grab some frozen fruit and throw it in to spice it up 😀
-Start slow
-Take a 32 oz bottle
-Drink 1 bottle in the morning
-Drink 1 bottle in the afternoon…now that’s simple 🤙

Stretching is good. Every day is a great goal, but if you can stick to 3x per week you are on track and kicking butt!
Please remember to:
-Keep it simple
-Stick to 3 stretches
-Hold for 10 seconds each
-Do 3 sets

May is national fitness month and many studies have shown that if you work out with a friend you can experience:
>Increased Energy
>Have fun in a new program or group class
>They help you stick to your goals
>You will feel yourself working harder

Have a super day Rockstar Nation and make the month of May a little more fitness-y haha 😀
Let’s go Headliners!

-Jake Cheney